Pursuing Successful Manhood

Strengthening our spiritual journey—together

Covenant Groups take friendships to a new level. We must go deeper than news,
weather, and sports. It requires intentionally sharing our lives with other men &
developing spiritual habits that protect, support, and shape our lives.


Realize manhood isn't a solo endeavor


Experience the blessings of covenant friendships


Develop spiritual growth habits

Begin your Journey by answering these questions

Men, ask yourself…

  • Would you benefit from sharing your life with committed friends, weekly encouragement, and prayer support?
  • Do you believe reading, reflecting, and responding to Scripture (as part of a daily habit) would benefit your spiritual life?
  • Are you willing to invest in a small group of men who support one another with a goal of spiritual growth?

Ministry leaders, would any of these be helpful in your ministry?

  • More men committed to participate in a small group of likeminded men for mutual support, sharing God’s Word and voluntary accountability…
  • Having a proven training process that encourages men to read, reflect, and respond to Scripture as a lifestyle habit…
  • A relational disciple-making model, facilitated by laymen, that is highly reproducible to impact more men over time…

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re in the right place.

Covenant Groups are small groups of like-minded men committed to Jesus and one another; men who meet regularly, encourage one another in the faith and pursuit of Christlikeness by making godly habits part of daily life.

This is how Covenant Groups help men address our three core needs.

I was a little standoffish at first…

I’ve made a commitment to read God’s word daily.

It’s easy to be an inch deep and mile wide…

It starts with one man.

If you’re passionate about seeing men connect with God and each other, here’s how you can get started.

1. Pray

Ask God for a heart to help men grow and to lead you to men willing to prayerfully consider the covenant group commitment.


2. Recruit Men

It’s the Covenant Group leader’s responsibility to share the Covenant Group vision with a group of men and to invite these men on a journey of spiritual growth. 

3. Pick Your Plan

A Covenant Group is a true commitment. We have two plans that prove successful—HighQuest, which focuses on building Spiritual habits and BetterMan, a great plan for startup groups to build rapport. Select what works based on the needs of your group.


4. Launch & Sustain

Just as the big game is planned for an Autumn Saturday with a noon kickoff, the first Covenant Group meeting is a kick-off event. Come ready to get acquainted, look over the agreement, confirm a reading plan, and pray. 


Engaging with Multiple Generations

My covenant group involvement has been intergenerational. The older men to give a perspective from life lessons and years of study. The younger men gave us a fresh perspective of the gospel.  The collaboration has created a bond in Christ through Jesus and an appreciation for these young men.
—Rob S

Encourages Healthy Communication

My dad and I have been involved in a covenant group for the past 2 years. It’s been great because it’s giving us an opportunity to talk about God’s Word every day and discuss questions and insights we had during our devotional reading. Our covenant group encourages healthy communication throughout the day and has made us closer. 

—Jacob D

Helped My Faith

For me, being in a covenant group has helped me further develop and define my relationship with God. The daily Bible readings have been a great “easy to follow” guide that has helped me further my knowledge and understanding in my faith.
—Josh T

Beneficial Scripture Reading

My son and I have been in a covenant group for a couple years now. It’s been wonderful to have this experience, and I look forward to our weekly meetings. It has been very beneficial to my own scripture reading and walk with God.
—Jack D

Guidance through Chaos

Hearing and reading the Bible has given me a new path to guide me through my chaotic life as a college student.  Sharing my insights and listening to others has been a huge blessing.


Sense of Community and Consistency

Being in a covenant Group has given me a sense of community with likeminded men, kept me consistent in my walk with the Lord, and has taught me skills that help me grow closer to God’s Word.
—Mason R