Covenant Groups are designed for transformation.

group of men with notepads sitting at a table next to a window

The pathway to spiritual maturity involves rejecting passivity.

Covenant friendships & consistent spiritual habits are essentials.

Men need a vision for biblical manhood and discipleship.

Engaging these questions can shape a man’s lives:

  • Because we care, what do we need to know?
  • Because God’s Word is true, what are you discovering?
  • Because God’s Word is relevant, what is He telling you to do?
  • Because God cares, how can we pray for you?

Contributors & Partners

These men share a common conviction that Jesus changes lives, spiritually healthy men are key to the local church & vibrant churches are critical to reach our broken world.

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Dr. Robert Lewis


Robert Lewis has been a pastor, writer, speaker, and visionary for over forty years. Robert the Men’s Fraternity curriculum in 1990 while serving as Teaching Pastor and Directional Leader at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Robert was named Pastor of the Year by the National Coalition of Men’s Ministry. The original Men’s Fraternity curriculum has impacted more than 1 million men worldwide in churches, college campuses, corporate boardrooms, and prisons. An accomplished author, Robert is still very involved in local church ministry, on various boards and senior advisor to Leadership Network.


Covenant Groups wants to set men up for success, and that means starting on the right foot. BetterMan, an organization with 11-week curriculum developed by Dr. Robert Lewis and his team, is recommended as the first step for a newly formed Covenant Group.

Robert Lewis Quotes:

“The path to real manhood is never a solo journey. Real manhood, godly manhood, is a “team” adventure. It’s buddies bonded together who encourage, affirm, and call out the best in one another. For a man, having soulmates like this is one of life’s greatest gifts.”

“In today’s blurred world of masculinity, men are seeking greater clarity for their lives. They’re tired of “being the problem”. They want a manhood that works! They want to know how manhood can best be lived out. BetterMan has these answers. BetterMan is a highly relational, 11-week journey, designed around the timeless truths of biblical masculinity that can help any man experience a more satisfying, life-giving manhood.”

“To be a man of God, we must first learn to meet with God. This is an essential, first priority. Nothing helps us grow more spiritually as a man than spending time alone with God, reading His Word and praying.”

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Tony Nzanza

Scripture Union

Tony Nzanza currently serves as Field Development Director, Scripture Union International, in Cape Town South Africa. Scripture Union is an international faith-based organization that works in over 120 countries around the world. It has been in existence for over 150 years! Tony was the General Director of Scripture Union South Africa for over ten years. He is passionate about encouraging children, young people and adults to meet God daily through his Word.

Tony Nzanza Quotes:

“Daily Bible intake is one of the most critical Christian practices and is key to our spiritual growth. I believe intentionally setting aside time every day to engage with God’s word enables us to grow in our Christian walk. As a man, my life continues to be greatly enriched by these engagements with scripture as I allow God to speak to me and I respond in holy obedience.”

“A shared life experience in a protective environment is a huge catalyst for personal growth in all areas. One is able to be accountable without feeling condemnation or judgement.”

“I strongly believe that as men, we grow best in a safe space that fosters a culture of accountability. My life is where it is because of the other men that I have given the privilege to speak into my life in a loving way.”

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Ron Bennett

The Navigators

Ron Bennett graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, then served as an officer in the US Army including a tour in Vietnam. He has serves as a Navigator staff in campus, military, and community ministries. Ron is the author of Intentional Disciplemaking, Opening the Door, The Adventure of Discipling Others, Beginning the Walk, Rethinking Discipleship, and HighQuest: Men on a Mission. Ron has served as regional director for The Navigators Church Discipleship Ministry.

Ron Bennett Quotes:

“There is no substitute for a consistent, daily encounter with Christ in the Scriptures. As we meet with him under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we should ask the Pauline questions: Who are You Lord? and What do you want me to do?”

“Satan’s strategy is to first isolate and then annihilate. Every man needs a band of brothers who will take their 911 call.”

“A covenant group is less about what I get out of it and more about what I put into it.”

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John Werst

Director, Covenant Groups

John Werst focuses on reaching men in the Pacific Northwest through the M2M (Ministry to Men) Network and consulting/training ministry leaders. Projects of the M2M Network include relational discipleship groups for men (Covenant Groups), the Pacific Northwest Men’s Conference (PNWMC), mentoring emerging leaders and life coaching. John grew up in the American Midwest, where he attended the University of Missouri, majoring in Political Science, then earned his MA in Public Administration. Following a short tenure of government service, John was appointed senior leader of a local church while serving as chaplain for the University of Missouri football team.

John relocated to the Pacific NW where he earned his MDiv from Western Seminary, Portland OR, and joined the senior leadership team of an established faith-based organization. John has both created & supported outreach and discipleship efforts to men, believing men who build their lives on a solid foundation of faith in Christ, who pursue character transformation through obedience and life sustaining habits, and who pursue authentic and supportive relationships with likeminded friends—will become servant leaders in their, homes, churches, and communities.

Reach John at


Why do I keep seeing things about HighQuest? What is it, and how does it relate to Covenant Groups?

HighQuest is a time-tested resource The HighQuest Series is a primary Covenant Group personal growth/training resource. The HighQuest Series is provided as a free download on this website.

The HighQuest series integrates personal reflection on Scripture with a covenant group authentic fellowship meeting. This series is not a typical Bible study but a training tool to help men walk with God for a lifetime by developing foundational spiritual practices. Biblical discipleship is not a course, it is a direction, a lifelong pursuit of Christ. HighQuest guides men to pursue knowing Christ deeply, reflecting Christ authentically, and sharing Christ Intentionally.

Why does joining a Covenant Group matter?
God shares His life with us in the context of the new covenant. He calls us to share our lives with other men as part of a new covenant community. We need other men to bear our burdens, encourage and pray for us, exhort, comfort, and even confront. That’s hard to do in the context of a weekly worship service. Men need to set apart time to share their lives with other men…it’s God’s plan for progress in the faith.
“To be a man of God, we must first learn to meet with God. This is an essential ‘first priority’.  Nothing helps us grow more spiritually as a man than spending time alone with God, reading His Word and praying.”

Ron Bennett     The Navigators    

Author of The Adventure of Discipleship & the creator of HighQuest Discipleship Series