BetterMan is a proven outreach to the community any church or individual can use to connect Christian and non-Christian men together to explore biblical manhood.

For men who have never met in a small group before, BetterMan can be a great ‘onramp’ to a Covenant Group launch. Although BetterMan does not include an AWG (Appointment with God) element that is so central to Covenant Groups, it is a great course for men. The BetterMan framework actively seeks to counter today’s dysfunctional masculinity by offering men the timeless, life-giving manhood found in the Bible. The men who developed BetterMan have a passion is to help men discover and implement God’s design for manhood.

Betterman provides an opportunity for men:

  • To get acquainted with other men during the 11-week program
  • To learn about Biblical manhood and common pitfalls many men fall prey,
  • To reject passivity over their personal spiritual development,
  • To better appreciate the impact our emotional and spiritual maturity have on the
    lives of others around them,
  • To be introduced and/or reminded of the Gospel message
  • To experience a small group discussion with other men, preparing them for a deeper commitment in a Covenant Group discussion.

I like this quote from Dr. Robert Lewis:

“In todays blurred world of masculinity, men are seeking greater clarity for their lives. They tired of & “being the problem”. They want a manhood that works! They want to know how manhood can best be lived out. BetterMan has these answers. BetterMan is a highly relational, 11-week journey, designed around the timeless truths of biblical masculinity that can help any man experience a more satisfying, life-giving manhood”

Go Through the Curriculum

Taking a season (12 weeks) to go through the BetterMan curriculum is a great first step and is highly recommended for new groups. The resources are affordable, accessible and highly relevant for every man.