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This series is a discipleship mentoring platform that integrates personal reflection on Scripture with a small group experience. As you work through the series, you will be equipped to walk with God for a lifetime through spiritual practices and consistent community.

Year 1 Curriculum

Covenant Group Foundations

The HighQuest series is an excellent platform for building the spiritual practices of reading and reflecting on Scripture. The format is simple to use and establishes a pattern that can be followed for a lifetime. Each day’s journal helps establish a personal encounter with Christ in the Scripture. The devotional outline is built on the spiritual disciplines of Reading, Recording, Reflecting, and Responding. As daily reflections are journaled, they provide meaningful content to share in the Covenant Group.

Our everyday, routine, ordinary lives take on an eternal dynamic as we develop the daily pursuit of knowing him more deeply. Life becomes integrated rather than compartmentalized; connected rather than isolated; engaged rather than disengaged.

The Scripture becomes our spiritual telescope with which we can look deeper into the nature of God. The Bible is the unfolding story of the infinite, creator God helping people on their quest to know him. Since Jesus is the most total revelation of God, knowing him is how we know God.

The HighQuest series’ content is built around topics critical for a life-long pursuit of Christ. They create a guided, self-discovery reading plan focused on knowing, reflecting, and sharing Christ. Each unit of HighQuest has a unique theme and daily Scriptural readings that provide a solid, biblical basis on essential truths of discipleship. Here’s a quick overview:

Journal 1: His Works

This unit focuses on the pursuit of knowing Christ deeply. Knowing Him involves understanding what God has revealed as true about himself and what he has revealed is true about who we are in Christ. In His Works, you will look at five essential truths about God’s work on our behalf (God is my…..) and five corresponding truths about our identity in Christ (In Christ I am…). The ten topics are designed to launch you into a lifelong quest to discover God’s awesome reality.

Journal 2: His Image

This unit in the HighQuest series focuses on reflecting Christ authentically. In His Image, you will explore the principle of spiritual transformation. You will look at the five qualities of our new nature in light of laying aside the old qualities and putting on the new. This transformation into the likeness of Christ is not a short hike but a lifelong journey. It takes our attention and focuses to continually put on our new nature. In His Image, you will get a clearer picture of the image of Christ as we seek to reflect him authentically. Our transformation into the likeness of Christ is not a short hike but a life-long journey. Our transformational journey takes attention and focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit if we are to become His image-bearers.

Journal 3: His Heart

This unit of the HighQuest looks at God’s heart for lost and broken people along with developing skills for sharing the gospel message.

His Heart is divided into three sections: each one focuses on a member of the divine trinity and His role in the process of bringing men to faith. The first section looks at the passion of God the Father. The second looks at the partnership of God the Spirit and develops your “Who is on your heart for heaven?” list. The third section examines the provision of God the Son and teaches how to share the gospel using the “Bridge Illustration.” 

Year 2 Curriculum

Covenant Group Living Called


Journal 1: His Ways

Knowing God also involves knowing His ways. Although we will never understand all of God’s ways, we are told in Scripture to know and follow what he has revealed as the pathway of life. Jesus said he was the way, the truth, and the life. Moses said, “Show me Your ways that I may know You.” The early believers were even called people of “The Way.” In this unit of the HighQuest Series, you will look at the distinctive pathways for living as a follower of Christ. Each of these pathways involves choices. Each pathway reveals not only how we are designed to live but something of the character and nature of God. If we are to know him, we must know His ways. In His Ways, you will look at ten specific ways of God. These “ways” are taught and demonstrated repeatedly throughout Scripture.

Journal 2: His Calling

The purpose of this unit of HighQuest is to follow Christ through the Gospel records and discover what he means by discipleship. In HighQuest: His Calling, you will focus on five definitive passages where Jesus identified the marks of His disciples.

  • Luke 6:40 Whole life transformation
  • Luke 14:26 Sacrificial allegiance
  • John 8:31-32 Faithful obedience
  • John 13:34-35 Servant love
  • John 15:8 Spiritual fruitfulness

Journal 3: His Commission

This unit of the HighQuest series looks at how to leave a legacy by investing in the spiritual life of others as a spiritual mentor. This is the heart of the Great Commission: making disciples. In this unit you will learn concepts and skills for discipling others. Built on the strategy of 2 Timothy 2:2, “His Commission” will help you develop a new spiritual generation that can help still others.