Take Advantage of HighQuest’s Free Journals

Journaling provides a personal record of a man’s AWG.  Some Bible reading plan journals have daily reading assignments printed on each journal page (The HighQuest discipleship series takes this approach), while other journals include the reading plan in the index area of the journal and the user simply refers the daily reading index for the day’s assignment.   The HighQuest series uses the 4R’s journal entry layout = READ, RECORD, REFLECT & RESPOND.  The lay out is similar to the Life Journal’s S.O.A.P. journal entry layout = SCRIPTURE, OBSERVATION, APPLICATION, & PRAYER.

Regardless of which journey entry layout is used, the important issue is for Covenant Group members to understand the assigned readings for each week, know how to complete an AWG (Appointment with God) journal entry, and, most importantly, follow through with the commitment to practice the life skill of setting time apart of daily reading, reflection and prayer.  Journal entries become the evidence of the AWG life skill and provide the basis for a ‘check the map’ assignment (in lieu of a reading assignment) on the day preceding the Covenant Group meeting.  See the examples below from both the HighQuest journals as well as the Life Journal layouts.

Each HighQuest Journal focuses on one of three themes: knowing, reflecting, or reproducing Christ.   You can download three of the HighQuest Journals below.

Weekly Plan Page

Next you’ll see an example of how one of the HighQuest series AWG plans lays out 12 weeks of Bible readings based on the focus of knowing God and the implications to our lives. There are 2 other journals that focus on knowing God. Other journals focus on personal transformation (3 Journals) and living missionally (2 Journals)

Weekly Plan Example Page

HighQuest Session 2 weekly plan

Journal Cover

HighQuest Men on a Mission cover

Journal Pages

Take a look at an example of a typical journal page in the HighQuest series, ready for daily use.

After that is an example of the 4-R’s AWG (Appointment with God) journal entry for illustration purposes.  You’ll see John 15.1-8 as the assigned passage to READ in the header.  The reader picked John 15.5 to RECORD as a key part of that passage.  The 4-5 sentence REFLECTION on the passage follows.  The daily devotion includes a RESPONSE (Prayer) to God specifically related to what has been read.

Sample Journal Page

HighQuest Session 2 weekly plan

Sample Journal Page Filled

HighQuest Sample Journal pg filled out

Check the Map Pages

Assigned reading for 5 days per week with a sixth day to “check the map” is a good approach. The Check the Map page is a time to review the past week and highlight what God has been teaching you.

Jotting down the key ideas from the week, summarizing the central theme or big idea(s) is very helpful and give time to ponder how to put into practice what we’ve been learning. Is there a sin to avoid, a promise to claim, an example to follow (or avoid), a command to obey, or greater knowledge of God to believe?

Sample Check the Map Page

HighQuest Check the Map page

Sample Check the Map Page Filled

HighQuest Check the Map page sample filled out

Forum Discussion Pages

Covenant Group members can use the Forum Discussion page to jot notes and insights shared in the group setting.  The 4 Questions laid out on this page are the facilitators ‘guiding’ questions to ask during the group meeting to keep the group on track.

Forum Discussion Page

HighQuest Forum Discussion page

Life Journals

Life Journals are available through online purchase at liferesources.cc.

These journals are time tested and are a good value. Testimonies of the benefits of the Life Journal method can also be found on their website.

Life Journal notebooks
Life Journal spiral books
Life Journal how to use pages